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Raptors begin two-day free agent mini-camp today

Just to change it up today, the Raptors are preparing for their eventual off-season with a two-day free agent mini-camp featuring a few familiar names.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Not to distract from the fact that the Toronto Raptors are in the NBA Finals, but there is actually other organizational business to attend to today. That’s right, though Toronto’s squad is set to play Game 6 tomorrow versus the Golden State Warriors for the title, they’re also holding a two-day mini-camp for a gaggle of basketball free agent nomads.

The camp will take place at OVO Athletic Centre today and tomorrow — it may indeed be happening as you read this — and while it is closed to media, I’m almost positive no basketball-focused reporters would opt to attend. I must say, this is a clever move by the Raptors, the most secretive of franchises. But I also feel a tad sad for the names involved who are maybe hoping to have as many eyes on them as possible in a bid to garner some attention and find their way into the NBA.

Such is life. Here is the list of attendees:

The names that jump opt are Ben McLemore, the seventh overall pick in 2013, Cameron Payne, the 14th overall pick in 2015, and Justin Patton, the 16th overall pick in 2017. We also have to shout out MiKyle McIntosh, the only Canadian in the bunch, who spent some time with the Raptors 905 last season.

The rest, as you can see from the last column in the above chart, come from all over the world for their shot at the NBA. Good luck to all!