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Listen to That’s A Rap #23: Post-Game 5 vs. Sixers Reaction

Toronto are one win away from the Conference Finals and the boys couldn’t contain their excitement on the latest episode of That’s A Rap.

Philadelphia 76ers v Toronto Raptors - Game Five Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

The Raptors took a stranglehold on the series and head to Philadelphia, in hopes of closing things out — and avoiding a Game 7 on Mother’s Day. Listen to the latest episode of That’s A Rap, as we somehow compact our glee into 20 minutes.

On The Latest Episode:

Now, this is the Raptors we’ve come to know and love. All five starters were in double figures. The team finally caught fire from beyond the arc. The defense — oh my, the defense — continued to be excellent (no. 1 Defensive Rating during the playoffs).

Kyle Lowry set the tone again, showing aggression on both ends of the floor. The Green Ranger returned to form, hitting five triples. The defense was clicking, forcing live-ball turnovers and converting into quick transition points.

All of the “negatives” from the game — sloppy first quarter turnovers, waiting too long to call timeouts, early foul trouble — were all cleaned up by the end of the first half.

It took a couple of games, but Toronto has rediscovered the edge they masterfully displayed in Game One. Nick Nurse has made the right rotation choices and the players have found their respective rhythms.

Toronto’s experience has taken over the series. While the Sixers — namely, Joel Embiid — were showboating in a Game Three victory, the Raptors were quietly preparing to return the favour. Now the Sixers are facing elimination, with very few positives to lean on to save their season.

2:50 - Free Fries... Finally

5:50 - K.L.O.E.

8:15 - Picking Nits

10:25 - Nurse making the right adjustments

11:20 - Life comes at you fast, Sixers fans

15:10 - Importance of experience