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The Lowry and Gasol playoff shirts are here — get yours today!

The Raptors are in the Finals and two of the bigger reasons why are none other than Kyle Lowry and Marc Gasol. Thanks to BreakingT, we’ve got more ways to celebrate: t-shirts!

The NBA Finals are here! Setting aside everything else, that means more chances to watch Kyle Lowry and Marc Gasol of the Toronto Raptors. And do you know what else it means? More t-shirts!

Thanks to BreakingT, we’ve got two more shirts on offer today. The first relays a sentiment Raptors fans well know. The second is a hold over from a different era. Both have a place on this latest edition of the Raptors team as they’ve made their way through the 2019 NBA Playoffs — and Finals.

Get your Kyle Lowry Over Everything t-shirt here

Get your Grit Grind Gasol t-shirt here

For a closer look: