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Three Questions from the Raptors ahead of Game 4 vs. the Milwaukee Bucks

After one of the hardest-earned wins in franchise history, we spoke to Kyle Carr of Brew Hoop to hear his thoughts heading into Game 4.

NBA: Playoffs-Milwaukee Bucks at Toronto Raptors Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Raptors are fresh off one of the most important wins in Raptors history; now, they must do it again. We spoke to Kyle Carr of Brew Hoop to hear some predictions on what may happen moving forward:


These past few games have seen big nights from Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kawhi Leonard. In your opinion, who has been the best player in the series so far and who do you predict will close stronger?

I think Kawhi has played the better series but Giannis has the biggest impact. Giannis’ help side defending is so crucial for Milwaukee and on offense we saw how stagnant Milwaukee’s offense was. Kawhi has continued his fantastic play but the minutes might start adding up and this injury gives me the feeling Giannis will close stronger.

Norman Powell and Marc Gasol finally saw some offensive success on Sunday. Do either of their emergences change the Bucks’ gameplan?

I think Norman Powell has been very effective this whole series while Gasol was able to hit some shots. I don’t think the Bucks change their game plan that much besides deciding to close out a little bit more on both players.

Do you think Malcom Brogdon will be inserted into the starting lineup to make up for some shooting woes from Khris Middleton and Nikola Mirotic?

There is 0% chance Middleton doesn’t start unless he is injured or shows no hustle at all. I felt going into the series that Middleton guarding Kawhi was going to affect his shooting this series which has happened.

Mirotic would be the person who would lose his starting spot but I think Bud will have a shorter leash with Eric Bledsoe who has been abysmal this whole series.


We’d like to thank Kyle again for his insight! Please make sure to check out Brew Hoop for more Milwaukee-centric content.