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Point Man #26: Beal watches the door and the job starts anew

We begin Volume 2 of Point Man with the crew together and the job just beginning. Here comes Lowry, Conley and the rest looking to pull off the Silverstern job.

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Here it is, the start of Point Man Volume 2. Conley and Lowry have teamed up to take down the Silverstern job. Taurasi may still be in league with Kidd while his underlings D’Angelo and Schroder are still at large. Detective Brogdon chases after the whole gang. And behind it all looms Stockton, the kingpin. We begin today with Bradley Beal getting things rolling.

Who will make it out with the loot? Who will make it out alive? Read on to find out — every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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Words: Daniel Reynolds

Art: Michael Kennedy (on Instagram)

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