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Who is... the Point Man?

Kyle Lowry is back on the scene, Mike Conley is making moves, and everybody is eyeing the same golden prize — but who will claim it? Find out every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in our new webcomic.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

“It’s almost like you have a clock in your head. I have a clock in my head for Zach. For Marc. For Courtney. For anybody on the court. There’s guys that don’t need to play with the ball. Tony Allen doesn’t need to have the ball to be effective. I say, ‘Zach needs to get the ball. He’s working very hard on the defensive end and on the offensive end.’ And I can feel four minutes go by, Zach hasn’t had the ball and I can see it. He’s starting to get a little antsy. OK, now it’s time to bang it into him four straight trips to see if he can get something going.” - Mike Conley, on being a point guard.

POINT MAN - Part 1: The Setup

Words: Daniel Reynolds

Art: Michael Kennedy (on Instagram and Twitter)

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