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Injury Update: Kyle Lowry questionable with “sprained right ankle”

After watching him go down with an obvious leg injury, we have a modest update on the reported status of the Raptors’ Kyle Lowry.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

It was very frustrating to watch Kyle Lowry go down with another injury. The Raptors’ undisputed leader had gradually played himself back into superlative form after some back issues waylaid a chunk of his season, and Toronto finally had the entire roster healthy for the first time all year. (Serge Ibaka was absent due to suspension, and will be good to go for tomorrow.)

That the injury came in a blowout against the freakin’ Knicks because Mitchell Robinson couldn’t quite control himself, just adds insult to, well, you know how the rest of this statement goes. Here’s the replay, if you’re curious:

In any case, we’ve waited with bated breath since Lowry limped off the court last night. First there was the update from Woj claiming that it was not believed to be a serious injury.

Then there was some chatter from Nick Nurse and jinxes, which, all things considered, doesn’t feel entirely out of place for this Raptors season.

Then Lowry too commented on the situation. This is a bit of a rarity for the Raptors, as injured players don’t always open up post-game to discuss what’s going on with their medical situation, especially if it is in fact serious. That Lowry was let near a live mic suggests the initial Woj report is generally correct, and that it’s not a season-threatening injury.

As for what Lowry thought of the play itself and Robinson’s wild careening, well... he extremely diplomatically didn’t much care for it.

In any case, this Tuesday afternoon, we’ve received the official update from Raptors: Kyle Lowry is listed as questionable for tomorrow night with a sprained right ankle.

Now, me personally, I’d list him as out and let him take the night off to rest. It feels likely that will indeed be the case. But the bright side is obvious: Lowry is listed as questionable, which means he’ll soon be probable, which means he’ll be back on the court before we know it. This, my friends, is a relief.

Get well soon, Kyle.