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That’s A Rap #8: Place Your Bets

In this week’s That’s A Rap podcast, we discuss Serge throwing hands, what it means for Gasol, and who we’d put our money on if the playoffs started today.

Toronto Raptors HQ Podcast #8: Place Your Bets, Serge Ibaka Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Raptors played three games this week, but it feels like it’s been an oddly slow one, thanks to the extended break between the Cleveland and Los Angeles games. Monday’s loss was a tough one, so hopefully you don’t blame your favourite podcasters for all but ignoring it on the latest episode of That’s A Rap! Seriously, who wants to re-live that uninspiring evening of hoops again?

Of course, we didn’t ignore it completely — there’s no way we were gonna let a pod go by without talking about Serge Ibaka’s latest scrap, which is definitely the only memorable thing from Monday night.

If you notice something sounds a little different on this episode, that’s because your regular host Jay Rosales is taking a well-deserved vacation! In his place — me! I’m taking a break from writing down my thoughts in five-increment chunks to actually say them aloud to Dre and Jay.

On This Week’s Episode:

It already seems like it’s been ages since Marquese Chriss and Serge Ibaka threw down, but that doesn’t mean the ramifications of Ibaka’s actions have passed. We discuss what his three-game suspension means for the Raps, mainly: more time in the starting lineup for Marc Gasol, and more lineup creativity from Nick Nurse — including potentially some Pascal Siakam at the five, or a trial run for Eric Moreland. One the positive side, hopefully we’ll see a refreshed Ibaka for the stretch run!

We also give our takes on the state of fighting in the NBA. Is the league too soft, or do we need more Kurt Rambis clotheslines and Bill Laimbeer elbows?

Since we’re looking Gasol starting, we also figured it would be a good time to grade the Gasol trade. Overall, we all agree it’s working out — although there are still more than a few head-scratching moments, the overall numbers suggest Gasol has had a positive impact, one that should only get better.

As for today’s main event — we’re talking playoffs! Jay shares the current bracket based on who’d face who if the playoffs started today, and we place our bets on who’s most likely to move on. If you’re a Raptors fan, you’ll be happy... but if you’re a Thunder fan, you might be even happier!

Naturally we wouldn’t leave you without some thoughts on the upcoming schedule, starting of course with the latest Casey Bowl, coming up this Sunday afternoon in Detroit. And then it’s the Raptors’ biggest remaining test: The home-and-home series with Russell Westbrook, Paul George and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Who ya got?

1:40 - Momma Said Knock You Out!

4:04 - Gasol starting role

6:43 - Has the league gone soft?

7:15 - NHL Fights vs. NBA Fights

10:30 - Premium GASol

12:00 - Grade the Trade

13:55 - Josh with the Stats

19:50 - Playoff Predictions - March Madness Style

20:40 - West Quarter Finals

25:00 - Easy Quarter Finals

31:35 - West Semi Finals

33:30 - East Semi Finals

36:30 - West Conference Finals

38:19 - East Conference Finals

41:07 - Finals Preview

45:10 - Upcoming Schedule