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Report: Raptors unloading Malachi Richardson to 76ers

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It’s another minor cost-savings move from the Raptors, while fans await the big one

NBA Trade Deadline Report: Toronto Raptors unloading Malachi Richardson to Philadelphia 76ers Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it certainly isn't a blockbuster Anthony Davis deal, nor is it some bench-re-tooling to keep pace with Philly, but this... this is something:

Malachi Richardson is going to Philly, and the Raptors are getting back... some cash. Philly also gets Emir Preldzic’s rights. Emir Preldzic?

Alas, poor Malachi. Forever to be known as the guy who cost less than Bruno Caboclo, even that paltry amount (about $1.5 million) was too rich for the Raptors to hang on to him any longer.

So, the Raptors save a few dollars and open a roster spot up.

Hopeful me says that roster spot is for another deal, soon to be consummated. Pessimistic me says the team will just bring up one of their two-way players and not spend any more money.

Richardson appeared in 22 games with the Raptors this season, averaging just under five minutes a game and scoring 1.4 points on 31% shooting. He also appeared in 12 games with the Raptors 905, where, in 35 minutes a night, he scored almost 21 points per game on 41% shooting.

Emir Preldzec, on the other hand, has played exclusively in Europe, and I don’t see his NBA debut coming anytime soon. He’s 31 years old!

Consider the needle... not moved.