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Anthony Davis subtly announces preferred travel plans, Toronto not on itinerary (for now)

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Sources say Davis would sign long-term with either LA team, the Knicks (?) or the Bucks (!?). Toronto? Not on the list, but that hasn’t stopped Masai Ujiri before

NBA trade deadline 2019: Anthony Davis prefers Bucks, Lakers, Clippers, Knicks; Toronto Raptors not on shortlist Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed the early Monday afternoon Twitterstorm from Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams Charania, the latest leaks in the ongoing Anthony Davis “please trade me” saga have him preferring to go to either the Lakers, Clippers, Knicks or Bucks, as those are the four places where he’d be comfortable signing long-term.

As a Raptors fan, though I express a certain amount of sadness that Toronto is not on the preferred list, any tears you see from me are actually tears of joy because the Boston Celtics are also not on the list.

It’s endlessly amusing when the music stops and the Celtics are the only team without a chair, isn’t it?

What this means in terms of when and where (or if) Davis gets traded... well, not much. These “leaks” are certainly agenda-driven, and if there’s one thing that’s clear in this whole rigamarole, it’s that Davis wants to play with the Los Angeles Lakers (or, at least, his people do) .

So I don’t believe that AD is actually anti-Celtics. He’s pro-Lakers for sure, and all this anti-Celtics stuff is just designed to put more pressure on the Lakers and on the Pelicans to get this thing done now. This is a war between Davis, who wants to go to LA, and Pelicans management, who wants to get the best deal for Davis regardless of destination. Boston, on paper, can put together the best deal — but not until the summer, thanks to the Rose rule.

The Pelicans appear to be fine with waiting. Davis doesn’t want to wait. So his people leak the “preferred list,” knowing that A) The Knicks just made their play for summer 2019, and no longer have anything the Pelicans would want; B) the Bucks don’t have the assets either (they’d have to completely gut their team and it still might not be enough); and C) the Clippers seem content to try their luck in free agency this summer. The latter two teams apparently haven’t even made a phone call yet.

The Lakers? Oh, do you think they’re interested!?

Had enough of the posturing? (Also: You really think Davis is interested in the Knicks, a complete shitshow of an organization; the Bucks, a city even whiter and colder than Boston; or the Clippers, so he can play in LeBron’s shadow? Pull the other one, Rich Paul!)

What does this mean for the Raptors? Nothing. Masai Ujiri doesn’t care if Davis wants to sign long-term. He’d be happy to have him for a six-month rental, pair him with Kawhi Leonard, try and win a title now and see what happens in the summer. If Kawhi stays? You have a whole ‘nother year to convince Davis to do the same. If Kawhi leaves? Flip Davis, perhaps for the Boston package, or the LA package, or a top 2019 draft pick or whatever. It’s a no-lose for Toronto.

I’m sure Ujiri is working the phones as I type. I’m also sure nothing will happen until Thursday... a day which will either be the most insane trade deadline ever, or the lamest, most anti-climactic trade deadline ever. There’s no in-between.