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Raptors sign Malcolm Miller to two-year deal

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The Raptors got their roster back up to 12 players by signing old friend Malcolm Miller on Sunday

Toronto Raptors sign Malcolm Miller to two-year deal Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

After a somewhat confusing weekend of almost signing guys to 10-day contracts and then figuring out that they weren’t allowed to do that, the Raptors officially got their roster up to 12 players by inking Malcolm Miller to a contract on Sunday.

While the team has not divulged the details of the contract, reports have it being for two years.

Now as you may recall, reports had the Raptors signing Miller two a 10-day contract on Friday, not to mention Ben McLemore to a 10-day contract on Saturday.

But as Blake Murphy alludes to in the tweet above, stipulations in the collective bargaining agreement require the Raptors to have 12 players signed to full-term contracts before the can start signing players to 10-day deals. (All credit to Blake for getting the scoop on these esoteric CBA details!)

Since the Raptors only had 10 players on the roster following Thursday’s trade deadline, they needed to sign two players to full-term deals — a commitment they fulfilled today first by signing Chris Boucher, and now by signing Miller. (The status of McLemore and his contract are still up in the air.)

While Boucher and Miller aren’t the big-name buyout guys Raptors fans might want to see on the roster, the Raptors do still have three slots open, and besides, both are feel-good stories. Boucher is from Montreal and has worked his butt off to make the NBA at age 25 (he celebrated his 26th birthday a month ago), and has done it the old-fashioned way — by impressing at summer league, then signing a G-League contract, then a two-way contract, and now a legit NBA contract.

Miller, meanwhile, has followed a similar trail. He went undrafted after four years at Holy Cross, spent some time on the Celtics summer league team, went to the G-League, went to Berlin(!), then signed on with the 905 last season. He became the Raptors’ first two-way contract, appearing in 15 games and even starting four of them. He averaged 2.5 points in 8 minutes on 46% shooting. He took a detour this past summer, though, tearing his labrum in summer league; the Raptors did him a solid though, and kept his rights with 905, and he just made it back to the court. He appeared in six games this season with the 905, average 8 points in 22 minutes per game.

It’s unlikely either player will have a big role on the team this season, but both bring good things to the table. Boucher is a tireless worker who despite his thin frame gets after it on defense, and stretches the opposing team’s D out with his shooting range. Miller is a silky smooth shooter with good size on the wing, and his time with the team last year should have him familiar with his teammates and the basics of the Raptors’ schemes.