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Listen to That’s A Rap #65: Picking our memorable moments of the decade

Ross dunks on Faried (2014). DeRozan dunks on Tolliver (2018). Powell dunks on the Pacers (2016). Johnson dunks on Drummond (2014). This decade was filled with so many lasting memories (more than just dunks) and we’re here to discuss our favourites!

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

How do you properly record a year-ending podcast, when there’s so much to discuss?

By celebrating Festivus, of course!

For the uninitiated to the 90’s hit sitcom, Seinfeld, Festivus was a holiday introduced on the show as an alternative to Christmas. Instead of gift-giving and showing love to family and friends, Festivus gives the gift of physical altercations (Feats of Strength) and free reign to vent about loved ones (Airing of Grievances). While most will spend the season celebrating the year that was, we decided to unload on our beloved Raptors!

Alright, that’s not entirely true. There’s no way we were going to record our last podcast of the year without discussing our favourite Raptors moments of the decade. I can guarantee our picks are different from yours because we took a different route. By celebrating the moments that were both memorable and highly personal to each of us, Jason, Dre, and I were able to reminisce on the special moments that won’t end up on Sportscentre.

On This Episode:

Serge Ibaka recently debuted his documentary, Anything is Possible, at the TIFF Lightbox. Our main man, and film aficionado, Dre, happened to be working the premiere. (Yes, when he’s not writing/critiquing/managing or podcasting with us, Dre moonlights for TIFF because why the hell not!) He shared his up close and personal interactions with various Raptors. Dre’s film-meets-basketball dream week continued with the screening of Adam Sandler’s new movie, Uncut Gems. His insight on both events are worth a listen.

As I foreshadowed in the opening, we took the opportunity to air some grievances. If you have a bone to pick with any Raptor, now’s the time to let it all out! Are you getting tired of Nick Nurse’s constant experimenting? What about Kyle Lowry’s constant foul-baiting? Can Drake spend an entire quarter (let alone a whole half) staying in his seat? Whatever your grievance is, let it out in the comments section.

There was the time Lowry hit that buzzer-beating half-court shot and forced overtime during a playoff series against Miami. Or the time James Johnson cocked that joint back and banged on ‘em. How about when Bismack Biyombo absolutely didn’t foul LeBron James on an attempted alley-oop? Many of these moments will end up “best of the decade” countdowns throughout Raptor land. But what about the Raptors moments that you have a personal connection with? Like taking your parents to a game for the first time. Or bumping into Marc Gasol at Eaton Centre and striking up a conversation. The Raptors have been around for 25 seasons. They’ve had an impact on your life in some way/shape/form. Let us know what your favourite (personal) moments were this decade as Raptors fans.

4:00 - Anything is Possible

12:30 - Uncut Gems

19:30 - Airing of Grievances

31:45 - Top Moments of the Decade