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Get your copy of POINT MAN now!

Conley wanted out. Lowry came back to town. And now the underworld and the law are coming for both of them. This is Point Man.

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From the pages of Raptors HQ comes the release of POINT MAN, the complete comic book. And now you can buy own your very own copy — in both physical and e-book format!

Check out words from me, Daniel Reynolds, art from Michael Kennedy, and a new cover from basketball artist extraordinaire J.O. Applegate.

Buy a copy of POINT MAN from Amazon

Buy the e-book of POINT MAN from Comixology

What is POINT MAN? The book is: 65 pages of colour art. A heist story involving a certain golden trophy. And all of the characters are, you guessed it, NBA players — including the Raptors’ Kyle Lowry, the Jazz’s Mike Conley, bench boss Jason Kidd, and more.

Any questions? Let loose in the comments.