[Trade Idea] Iguodala could be the final piece in repeating

The league is finally competitive! After seeing the leap that many Raptors players have made in the wake of Kawhi Leonard's departure, I think they can really compete for a title with their young core despite their aging roster.

I just have this belief that if the Raptors traded for one of the few elite wing defenders, they might just repeat. Iguodala, I believe, is the only available lockdown defensive player that can be a key cog in playoff games. To clarify, to me, such players include Jrue Holiday, Marcus Smart, PJ Tucker, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson, Paul George, etc. The Elite of the Elite. I might be on an island here but I think Iguodala is still an all timer on the defensive end and an above average difference maker on the other.

Now I know, Iguodala is the LeBron defender and LeBron is in the west. But I think that he can be a big difference in a playoff series against the Bucks by taking out Middleton, Sixers by taking out Richardson, Heat by taking out Butler, and Celtics by matching up against Brown or Tatum. And having someone to put on LeBron or Kawhi is a must if you want to be competitive in the finals. Also, I would imagine that a team without such a stopper might feel like going to the Finals is a waste.

After working the trade machine, this is what I came up with.

Andre Iguodala for Norman Powell, Stanley Johnson, and a 1st Round Pick. (Maybe more, if prices get competitive.)

Playoff Depth Chart:

Lowry / VanVleet / McCaw

Anunoby / Thomas / Davis

Hollis-Jefferson / Iguodala

Siakam / Ibaka

Gasol / Boucher

I know a first round pick is a lot to ask but didn't last year show us that titles are immortal and worth the risk? Plus, picks are never the guarantee we believe them to be.

Let me know what you think with your vote and comments. Thanks!