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Coming soon: The “2019 NBA Champions: Toronto Raptors” official championship film

Re-live the historic title run with NBA Entertainment’s official championship film, coming October 22.

NBA to release official Toronto Raptors championship film on October 22 Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Want to re-live the Raptors’ historic NBA Championship, over and over again, wherever you have access to a Blu-ray player? You’re in luck! NBA Entertainment’s officially licensed championship film, 2019 NBA Champions: Toronto Raptors, is set to be released on October 22.

Check out the trailer:

The film promises exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes and never-before-seen footage, and will track the team’s journey from training camp through to the hoisting of the Larry O-B. The film will run about 80 minutes, and will include some “bonus features” such as a Kyle Lowry blooper reel and a top five plays of the season countdown.

Now, you may be asking, “why do I need to buy this film, when I have YouTube, which is free?” It’s an excellent question; there are numerous well-produced videos and tributes and highlight packages from the title run on YouTube, including’s own mini-movies, which are incredibly well-done, and of course, Open Gym, surely some of the best team-produced content ever created. And although this film will cover a lot of ground in its 80 minutes, I can’t imagine it will conjure the same emotion as Bruce Arthur’s 2-minute video essay:

Not gonna lie, I watch that thing at least once a week.

Anyway! Why buy this movie? There a couple of reasons. For one, who knows how long those YouTube videos will stay up there; the creators can take their content down any time. Once you purchase this thing, it’s yours, to watch whenever you want. And you get that nice fancy case to put on your shelf!

There’s also a nostalgia trip involved; if you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember similar films that would come out on VHS, and back then, in the pre-YouTube (heck, pre-internet) days, that’s the only way you could re-live a season or championship run. I still remember the Blue Jays 1993 championship video; I damn near wore that tape out! Anyone else remember this?

Nostalgia really is a powerful drug, man.

If you want to experience that feeling over and over again yourself, you can purchase the 2019 NBA Champions: Toronto Raptors film, at Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart. You can also buy it digitally on iTunes.

I’ve already pre-ordered mine. Will you be adding this to your championship merch collection?