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Listen to That’s A Rap #50: Let’s make some over/under bets

How many assists will Lowry average? Will Matt Thomas have a “He’s On Fire” game? Check out our Over/Under bets for the Raptors this season.

NBA: Toronto Raptors-Media Day Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Media Day has come and gone. There was no viral moment, awkward laugh, or fervent pleas to believe in ourselves. Nothing was going to match the anticipation of last year’s Media Day.

This time around, the corn-rowed athletic wing with giant hands is left-handed (Rondae Hollis-Jefferson). More importantly, there was an air of confidence to the team. Call it championship swagger if you want, but this is a solid roster that’s built to win now with the comfort of laying claim to the throne until, at least, June.

On This Week’s Episode:

OG Anunoby guaranteed a title repeat. Kyle Lowry expects “another championship”. They’re the same proclamation, yet one is getting criticized a lot more than the other. Also, why wouldn’t any team not say that’s their goal for the season?

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before. Nick Nurse says the starting lineup will be fluid. Wow. Shocking. If we assume Kyle Lowry and Marc Gasol will go through some bouts of load management, Nurse could easily have a stable of nine players inserted into the starting lineup on any given game.

The excitement of seeing players in new places was somewhat muted by the confirmation of several injuries. Klay Thompson won’t suit up until after the All-Star break. Paul George will not start his season until November. Kyle Kuzma’s absence until December only further decimated an already thin frontcourt in Lakerland.

We went through a few Raptors-related over/under bets for the upcoming season. Let us know your thoughts on the following numbers:

  • Kyle Lowry: over/under 8.7 assists per game
  • Pascal Siakam: over/under 0.5 All-Star Game selections
  • Marc Gasol: over/under 70 games played (regular season)
  • Matt Thomas: over/under 0.5 games where Thomas hits 4 or more three-pointers
  • Eastern Conference Seed: over/under 3.5 (under = 1st/2nd/3rd seed in the East)
  • Wins: over/under 45.5 wins

5:20 - Media Day

6:30 - When OG speaks, everyone listens

13:00 - Nurse prescribes a refill

19:25 - Bay Area women rejoice: Klay is free until February

21:21 - Clipper Curse reminder: PG rehab extends into the season

31:30 - Kyle Assists Over Everything

35:00 - Spicy Selection?

38:15 - Managing Big Spain

42:15 - How much shots should a sharpshooter shoot if a sharpshooter should shoot shots

47:05 - It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish

51:25 - Bucks/Sixers can’t win all the games in the East