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Listen to That’s A Rap #53: Really big rings

The banner will fly forever. So will the sights and sounds of a truly unforgettable evening after the Raptors began the 2019-20 season with some new jewelry!

Toronto Raptors open the season against the New Orleans Pelicans with a 130-122 overtime win Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Imagine your wedding day. The anticipation of the ring. The ending of one journey and beginning of another. The sweet feeling when everything becomes official. You already knew this was going to be an epic night which you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. The ceremony is filled with all kinds of love and adoration, with a sprinkle of tears.

Now imagine 10 minutes later, you have to work!

In our latest episode of That’s A Rap, we dissect the Raptors’ ring and banner ceremony. Oh, and the season opener in Toronto too!

On This Week’s Episode:

For a good part of 1 year, from when Kawhi Leonard was acquired in July, to when Kawhi hit the game-clinching free throws in June, there was a buzz that filled Scotiabank Arena. It was very high when the Raps kicked off the season — reaching a crescendo during the NBA Finals. After a Summer of lost loves and lost livers, that buzz was tempered quite a bit.

Queue the banner unveiling and ring ceremony!

Which player got you choked up when they received their ring? Was it a long-time staffer like Wayne Embry? How about the coaching staff, like Toronto’s own, Jamaal Magloire? If you were still composed, it must have been one of the players. Did you last all the way until Kyle Lowry? Or are you an emotionless robot who sees the future and knows we won’t be waiting too long to celebrate again?

When you hear “replica”, it’s natural to think something is cheap. On the contrary, my Raptor friends. The replica (if it was named the cloned ring, would your perception change?) ring has some weight to it. The jewelers not only did a great job mimicking the real deal, but also did not construct the ring with dollar store material.

Seriously, they need to give the champs more time between ceremony and game. The Raptors were obviously quite drained emotionally from the ceremony, playing sloppy, unfocused basketball in the first half.

Thankfully, Pascal Siakam showed he’s ready to take the mantle as no. 1 option. Thankfully, Fred VanVleet showed Fred VanVleet Sr is here to stay (I hope they’re pregnant with another child and due in April). Thankfully, Alvin Gentry gave fourth quarter minutes to Jahlil Okafor and Frank Jackson.

With the team’s first back-to-back up next, the defending, reigning, world champions face their first test of the new season. How will the new pieces perform and what shape is the team’s depth in? Nick Nurse can’t roll out an 8-man rotation all season... uhh... can he?

2:30 - In My Feelings

7:15 - Who Got You

22:30 - Buying Really Big Rings

27:40 - There Was a Game?

32:00 - Torch Passing

43:10 - Upcoming Games