Serge Ibaka - Trade Bait extrodinare

Last Season I looked at possible destinations for Ibaka based on his dismal playoff performances against Cleveland and Washington and his $20million dollar salary. The prospects were not great. This year things are different. Ibaka was a key contributor to Toronto's championship run and his once gaudy salary is a lot more moveable going into his final year. The key question is, should he be moved?

The answer is YES! I get that Toronto hasn't decided to blow it up yet but my position is that of the three vets who do not have a long term future on this team, Ibaka is the most immediately expendable as he projects as a back up center on this team and his $20 million could be used elsewhere. So with that in mind, here are some trades the team could look at before the December opening of FA signings (when most players on every team will be available for trade).

Toronto gets - Alan Crabbe, Alex Len, (if they wait until after Dec 14, Vince Carter)
I only included this trade because after Dec 14, Toronto could bring back Air Canada for the 2nd half of the season. Atlanta has no incentive to offer Toronto anything other than roster fodder as even if they are competitive, I don't see them sending out picks our youngings just to get eliminated in the 1st round. Atlanta has a ton of roster fodder that can be subbed in for Crabbe too (Parsons, Turner etc).

Toronto gets - Otto Porter Jr, Chicago gets, Serge Ibaka & OG Anunoby

Chicago might consider this because it frees up 23 million this offseason and if they feel Markkanen could slide to the SF spot. Toronto does this because Porter is currently and upgrade over Anunoby (at least right now).

Toronto gets - Bradley Beal, Ian Mahinmi, Washington gets - Ibaka, Powell and OG.

Washington is not going to move Beal now that they have extended him but if Toronto included enough picks, this deal could get done (assuming that Washington decided to blow things up).

Toronto gets Andrew Wiggins, some draft pick or another

This trade would only happen if Toronto really decided to tank. Wiggins' contract is pretty toxic and is only worth taking if you are getting picks attached to it.

Toronto gets Jahil Okafor, Darius Miller and Derrick Favours,

This trade gives Toronto some flexibility after this season. They can choose to bring any of these guys back for fairly cheap as only Favours might get some interest in the FA market for more than the mid level. If Toronto can retain Okafor and Favours for less money than it costs to pay Ibaka, than that is a win.

Toronto gets - Hassan Whiteside and a boat load of picks

This is another "blowing up the team" move. Whiteside has an extra year on his contract and will end up backing up Nurkic once he comes back from injury. Ibaka is a better player than Whiteside so Portland might bite on this if they think they have a shot to actually get out of the west.