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Raptors announce preseason schedule for 2018-19

It’s the games that don’t count, but they’re in some pretty funky locations regardless.

NBA: Playoffs-Washington Wizards at Toronto Raptors John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

In the big picture of the NBA season, the preseason isn’t super important — except as a time marker. Come the following days, as announced by the Raptors this Wednesday afternoon, Toronto’s basketball team will once again be playing professional ball.

The games may not count, but if they present a chance for us to get our first look at a Kawhi Leonard-led Raptors team, I’m sure there will be some excitement around them.

On top of that, the locations! The Raptors will play just one home game (at the, uh, Scotiabank Arena) in the preseason. The balance of the contests will be spent on the road in some normal NBA cities, and some more off-the-grid (re: Canadian) sites.

Here’s the official release:

And the fine print, if you can’t quite make out the details at the bottom of that tweet image:

Sept. 29 vs. the Trail Blazers in Vancouver at 7pm EST

Oct. 2 vs. the Jazz in Utah at 9pm EST

Oct. 5 vs. Melbourne United in Toronto at 7pm EST

Oct. 10 vs. the Nets in Montreal at 7pm EST

Oct. 11 vs. the Pelicans in New Orleans at 8pm EST

So it’s official: starting September 29th, we’ll get to see the Raptors on a basketball once again.