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Welcome Kawhi Leonard to Toronto, buy the t-shirt

Thanks to BreakingT once again, Raptors fans can show their welcoming spirit to the team’s newest player, Kawhi Leonard.

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The Raptors made the biggest trade in franchise history this past week, acquiring a legit MVP candidate in Kawhi Leonard (along with veteran sharpshooter Danny Green). After the fears of whether or not he would show up in Toronto were quelled, our feelings have turned to one of unabashed welcome. The first idea on that front is easy: cheer like mad. The second idea, in true modern day fashion, involves buying something.

Yes, much like our (still on sale!) Bench Broskis shirt, we’ve got a new t-shirt coming your way from BreakingT. This time it’s for Kawhi Leonard, the new Hand in the North. It features the hand gesture made famous as he received his Finals MVP award in 2014, along with a touch of the ol’Raptors claw. Kawhi is known as the Klaw, by the way. It all fits!

Follow the link to put in an order.

And then, giddy up, take a look below at the new shirt.