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Malcolm Miller to miss the rest of Summer League with dislocated right shoulder

Another bit of bad luck for the Raptors in the NBA Summer League. What is it with shoulder injuries and Vegas?

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Orlando Magic Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

By now we’ve seen what happened. In Monday night’s game against the Thunder in this year’s NBA Summer League, the RaptorsMalcolm Miller went up to block a shot, got unintentionally undercut by the momentum of the attacking Thunder player, and landed hard.

As the tweet below implies, it’s not a super grizzly situation, but it does look incredibly painful. Watch the clip only if you want to see Miller go for a scary tumble.

The Raptors would sadly go on to lose their game against the Thunder 92-82, dropping to 0-3 in the tournament. Consider this the literal insult to injury, or the injury to insult — either way, it’s bad.

Now, we get today’s update direct from the Raptors:

As you’ll recall, it was two seasons ago in the 2016 NBA Summer League when Toronto’s Delon Wright injured his right shoulder in a game. Poor Delon would have to have surgery to repair a labral tear. Fortunately he looks to have made a full recovery — though he did miss a huge chunk of his rookie season as a result.

The above tweet doesn’t give too many more details in terms of diagnosis, but here’s hoping it’s not as severe as all that. Get well soon, Malcolm.