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Raptors held pre-draft workout for six more players

The NBA Draft gets a few days closer, and the Raptors are still doing their due diligence.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Nashville Practice Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the Raptors held a pre-draft workout so quiet, I didn’t even notice it had happened. There was no announcing email, no other real press coverage, except for this lone tweet from the media relations account early in the morning. (I was in a meeting at the time and didn’t see it.)

For those keeping better track than I, you’ll recall: the 2018 NBA Draft is on June 21, and the Raptors do not have a single, solitary pick within those 60 potential spots. It makes for a boring time since no higher profile players are going to spend time in a workout in Toronto if they know the chances of actually getting selected by the Raps is very slim.

Nevertheless, the following six players did come to Toronto yesterday to work out for Raptors management and, uh, the assistant coaches (I assume). However, unlike the previous workout post, I was unable to secure much of a read from our alumnus Mitch Robson (he’s at his convocation this morning; congrats, my guy).

Here are some things to note for each:

Jacobi Boykins - Guard, 6’6”, Louisiana Tech

An unranked player at the moment, Boykins once dunked so hard he managed to pick up a second technical and get ejected from a game. This feels like a vaguely unfair turn of events.

Cameron Reynolds - Forward, 6’8”, Tulane

Obviously, I’m a big supporter of the unranked Cameron Reynolds.

Kassius Robertson - Guard, 6’3”, Missouri

The Toronto-born Robertson may have the inside track here. The take from Robson: “Kassius Robertson is a Canadian kid scored a ton at Canisius, and transferred to Missouri this year. [He] has G League potential.”

Andrew Rowsey - Guard, 5’11”, Marquette

The Raps can’t sign another undersized guard can they? Unranked once again!

Darius Thompson - Guard, 6’3”, Western Kentucky

Thompson’s been in college for five years, which is something to note, along with his deep deep placement on the SI Draft board.

Justin Tillman - Forward, 6’8”, VCU

Just a straight up unranked dude.