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Watch: GM Bobby Webster speaks on the NBA Draft; Jama Mahlalela on coaching 905

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Bobby Webster offers his thoughts on potential draft moves and Mahlalela talks about his new position leading the G League Raptors 905.

Raptors GM Bobby Webster offered his thoughts on the process of evaluating players this off-season given the fact that they don’t have a single pick in the 2018 draft, taking place tomorrow evening. While the team has brought in a number of prospects, they’ve foregone higher profile names because of their precarious position.

However, with the new rumour that the Raptors are targeting Kentucky point guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander in the draft via a trade, the idea that the Raptors aren’t working out high level players seems like a smokescreen.

Webster concludes a question about the lack of high-profile workouts by saying, “obviously not having them in here [for personal workouts] and kind of having more of a personal touch puts a little bit of a question mark [on their evaluations], but I think we’re really comfortable with our process in the early [college] season.”

What he basically explains here is the team isn’t scrambling to look at players between the end of the season and the draft like some other teams do. Rather, the scouting team has a system in place that allows them to scout players all season long — an extremely prudent strategy.

Watch his full interview here:

In other Wednesday news, Jama Mahlalela was promoted to be the next coach of the G League Raptors 905, a position he seems eager to get started on. He was asked what he was most excited about with his newfound responsibilities as the leader of a team, versus his time as an assistant coach for the Toronto Raptors.

Mahlalela responds, “[M]aking real leadership decisions. I think when you’re an assistant coach you can kind of make suggestions, but to make the actual decision, that final decision that has consequence for me is a challenge I really want to sort of grow in.”

Mahlalela is one of the most high-character assistant coaches from Dwane Casey’s staff, and I for one am ecstatic he was given the opportunity to fill Jerry Stackhouse’s shoes. He should fit right into the culture of the 905 as a young, vibrant personality who beams with energy in everything he does.

Watch his full interview here, where you can enjoy his absolute jubilation: