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Nick Nurse agrees to 3-year deal as Raptors’ next head coach

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It’s now official, and here is the report.

It’s all officially going down tomorrow: the Raptors will introduce their newest coach Nick Nurse to the Toronto media (at 2:30pm). He’s the ninth person to hold the position, next in an august line that has included everyone from the legendary Lenny Wilkens to, uh, Kevin O’Neill. This particular hire has come after quite a wait, and it has apparently come after quite a search — but now we’re here (after starting at the bottom?).

According to Woj at ESPN, the terms of Nurse’s head coaching deal are three years at nearly $10 million. This is not a thing to discuss in polite company, but there it is.

Though, really, when you think about it, perhaps the Nurse hire is... priceless.

Now the only thing we need is more pictures of Nick Nurse. Get on that, Getty.

UPDATE: It’s officially official now, with the official Raptors media release. Official.