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Watch: DeRozan compares himself to Neo, and the Raptors celebrate a Game 2 win

It was all smiles post-game in Toronto, after the Raptors went up 2-0 for the first time in franchise history. Enjoy some happy Raptors here.

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Washington Wizards v Toronto Raptors - Game Two Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

The Raptors got it done again last night in their Game 2 win over the Wizards. There were some rougher stretches, and Toronto’s shooting took a substantial dive for awhile, but the Raps managed the 130-119 win anyway. Naturally, there was much fun and frivolity after the win, seeing as this is the first time in franchise history the Raptors have been in control of a playoff series — instead of playing for their dang lives.

To that end, DeMar DeRozan (fresh off of a 37-point performance) and Kyle Lowry (a near-triple-double with 13-7-12), were at there bromantic best on Tuesday night. Please... enjoy:

The highlight here, of course, after DeRozan talks about the solid win, the newfound skills of Jonas Valanciunas, and Sportsnet’s Michael Grange — as Lowry notes, works the room — is when DeMar decides to make a new film comparison for himself in reference to his slowed-down game: “Yeah, I’m like Neo now.”

(There’s also a hilarious exchange between the two, as Lowry, who DeRozan refers to as Morpheus, of cousre, gets into prime chop-busting mode — “You just scored 37 points!” — when DeMar starts to comment on his performance.)

Not to be outdone, here’s Jonas Valanciunas threatening to maybe speak... French?

JV also remarked on dribble hand-offs, as the Athletic’s Eric Koreen expanded on here, and as per usual, the merits of playing as a team.

Now let’s restore some order, with Dwane Casey weighing in on what the Raptors did well, and what the Wizards, particularly John Wall, did successfully in the loss.

Did you know it was Dwane’s 61st birthday yesterday? Up 2-0 in Toronto, what a gift.

Finally, let’s just turn it over to the locker room guys. Here are C.J. Miles and Delon Wright, the heroes of Game 2, with their comments. And then, yes, Fred VanVleet talked about how he felt being out there. As you can tell from his play (and his subsequent comments), FVV is still limited, but very much wants to go.

Now, on to Game 3.