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Watch: How to “fan out” for the Raptors during the NBA Playoffs in 5 easy steps

With the playoffs starting this weekend, we made a helpful instructional video for cheering on the Raptors. Heed these words!

NBA: Playoffs-Indiana Pacers at Toronto Raptors John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to a city showing support for its NBA team, Toronto Raptors fans are the real MVP. The city has always been boisterous, aggressive, and passionate about their love for Canada’s only NBA franchise. Whether it’s Superfan Nav Bhatia being in attendance for over 20 years straight, or showing compassion towards DeMar DeRozan’s mental health by creating a GoFundMe campaign called “We Got You”, the city has shown nothing but their appreciation.

Toronto has created a safe place for its players to perform and an intimidating environment for opposing teams to step into. After LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated Toronto in the Eastern Conference Finals in 2016, James was astonished during his postgame interview as the crowd’s roaring Raptor chants continued.

“It almost puts you in mind of a soccer stadium, the fans don’t ever stop chanting,” James said. “So they definitely have a great home-court advantage.” – in the Toronto Star.

Today, we are a few games away from seeing the full effect of Raptors support in the postseason. People are draped in Raptors gear. The CN Tower is lit in the team's colours. Inside of the ACC looks and sounds like a jam-packed, deafening sea of red. And exiting the arena is stepping into another vortex of fandom. Jurassic Park, officially known as Maple Leaf Square, has been the hotbed for Raptors fans during the playoffs. Over 5,000 people show up outside of the ACC annually to watch their team play on the JumboTron, rain or shine.

So, in that spirit, if you’re new to the festivities this year and want to understand how you can show your support for the Raptors, this quick video will give you five easy steps on how to “fan out” during the postseason.