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Updates: VanVleet sore, Ibaka fine, and swag is peaking

The Raptors held a media conference today. Here are the updates from that media conference.

Toronto Raptors v Detroit Pistons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

As the Raptors put the regular season behind them and start preparations for their first round series against the Washington Wizards, they held a team media conference Thursday evening to update the world.

First off, we go to injury news. Fred VanVleet left Wednesday’s game against Miami after running into a hard Bam Adebayo screen, diagnosed with a right shoulder bruise. On that, there’s some good news.

Serge Ibaka, meanwhile, was hit in the teeth and appeared to be wiggling at a chiclet on the sideline. A day after, he’s perfectly fine.

Also an important update for those who are starting to worry, DeMar DeRozan assures you that the Raptors are... confident.

He also wants you to know that the culture reset is not just a regular season thing.

On the opposition side, the Wizards did not miss an opportunity to start talking spicy to the media. In a Washington Post interview, Jason Smith — between bites of plain chicken — said that the first round matchup with the Raptors is what they were hoping for.

I feel like we need more reporters down in D.C. so we can start cramming way more feet into mouths. We’ve still got 48 hours before Game 1 tips, there’s so much potential!

This post will be updated if we get any more breaking news from the availability.