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Lorenzo Brown of the 905 named G League MVP

Lorenzo Brown, the Raptors’ two-way player and star of the 905, has been named the G League MVP for 2018.

NBA: Washington Wizards at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Lorenzo Brown was named G League MVP today, capping off an incredible season with the Raptors 905 (and sometimes with the Raptors).

Here’s the official announcement:

Brown has been of a veteran in the G League in this, his fifth season. Brown this year was a huge reason why the Raptors 905 are playing in the G League Finals. He averaged 18.8 points and 8.9 assists while leading both the offense and the defense. Brown was Mr. Reliable for the 905 this season, with coach Jerry Stackhouse leaning heavily on him throughout for an average of 33.3 minutes per game. It’s also not nothing that in the post-season so far, Brown has been the best player on the 905 and led the team in scoring in every single game.

While also being a huge part of the 905’s success, Brown also showed his ability to play in the NBA this season. Brown appeared in 14 games with the Raptors, playing sparingly, although showing he can be a capable NBA point guard. Let us not forget the time he put six points on the Cavaliers.

It is also the first time a 905 player has won a G League MVP award, and it could not go to a more deserving recipient. Look for Brown to keep things rolling in the Finals, as the 905 need to win tonight to extend the series to a third and final game.

In the meantime: Congrats, Zo!