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Locked on Raptors #432 - Five Years Since the Rudy Gay Trade w/ Joe Wolfond

Sean Woodley and Joe Wolfond chat for a very long time on the five-year anniversary of the Rudy Gay trade that kick-started the good times.

Toronto Raptors v Phoenix Suns

In Episode 432 of Locked on Raptors, Sean Woodley and Joe Wolfond (The Score) take a deep retrospective look at the five years of Raptors basketball that have followed the Rudy Gay trade on December 8th, 2013. They recount the highs and lows of each of the regular seasons and playoff runs since the deal, and reflect on the immense makeover the franchise’s image has undergone under Masai Ujiri. Sorry this one is so long but a lot of stuff has happened, man.

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