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Gambling with Gourmet Spud: How are the Raptors keeping pace?

Another ten games for Toronto, and a 9-1 record to show for it. Can the Raptors keep up their winning pace? And how does Gourmet Spud feel today?

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Every ten games or so, we’ll be checking in with Raptors fan, and noted Twitter celebrity, Gourmet Spud to gauge how he’s feeling about his Toronto bet. The line: Spud took the over on the Raptors at 62 wins. As of this writing, the Raptors are 21-5.


To borrow a phrase from Toronto’s old coach Dwane Casey, it feels like we Raptors fans have gotten collectively fat and sassy over the past couple of weeks. The team hasn’t shot the ball particularly well, and yet they’ve won nine out of their last ten games, including a comeback on the road against Memphis, an OT duel with the Warriors, and another delicious smackdown of their young rivals in Philly. And if Toronto’s shooting ever does round into form...

In short, people have noticed the Raptors. ESPN has been all over Toronto for the last week, and the added attention has manifested itself in different ways. Kawhi Leonard has been playing like an MVP, while Kyle Lowry has been, well:

Likewise, friend of the site Gourmet Spud has been extra engaged as well. His bet of over 62 Raptors wins on the season feels today like it could be safe. Still, we asked him to review the last ten games for Toronto, and give us an update on his highlights, lowlights, and general mood.

Here’s what Spud had to say.

Spud’s Highlight from the Past 10 Games:

Definitely the comeback against the Grizzlies. Beating Golden State in OT felt incredible (especially when it felt certain they would lose after Kevin Durant’s insufferable corner 3), but the Memphis win was one of those games that made you realize “wow, this team may be really, really, really good.” They weren’t rattled at all by being way down at the half on the road against a very good team that they have always struggled against. Plus Fred VanVleet came up huge, which was a big relief. Plus PLUS, Memphis plays on a huge optical illusion of a court that appears to be illegally big on television, and you just hate to see stuff like that.

Spud’s Lowlight from the Past 10 Games:

The ending of the Denver game. Great game totally ruined by the refs on that Serge Ibaka call. That never would have happened if Drake was there. On the positive side, I’d never actually watched a full Nikola Jokic game before and that was some fun. He’s like Phil Mickelson grew eight inches and changed sports. Such sweet hands on a big, soft body.

Spud, How’s Your Mood?

Pretty damn good! What a difference 10 games makes. They are about halfway through this nightmare run of games and they’ve only lost one of them, which is way ahead of where I thought they’d be. They need to go 41-15 the rest of the way to win 62 (0.732 win percentage), which is hard but not impossible. There is a lot of Milwaukee in their immediate future, which is a bit concerning, but if they get out of December okay the schedule gets a hell of a lot easier from here on out.

I can taste that number one seed and a first round match-up against the Wizards, who they will sweep in such humiliating fashion that John Wall will go sit in the stands after halftime in Game 4 and start heckling his own team.

Yep, definitely a fat and sassy vibe — and you know what? I’m here for it. The Raptors play the Nets tonight, and then head off on some challenging road trips, including a rematch with Golden State. We’ll see how they do — and how Gourmet Spud will be feeling — after another ten games.