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Get spicy with our new Pascal Siakam T-Shirt and Hoodie

Your new favourite Toronto Raptor is spicy as hell, and we’ve got a new t-shirt and hoodie for sale to celebrate.

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That Pascal Siakam of the Toronto Raptors has become one of the NBA’s most exciting players is undeniable. We can break down all his stats — which are good — but the thrilling part of Siakam’s game comes through in the motion of it. When Siakam is running the open floor, or leading the break, or just running at the rim with the ball in his hands, anything is liable to happen.

It’s how how Siakam has become such an important player for Toronto. It’s why Raptors Game Ops now plays a “spicy” sound bite after one of Siakam’s patented spin moves. And it’s why we’ve got a new t-shirt and hoodie for sale bearing the name: SPICY P, Pascal Siakam.

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Here’s a look at the Spicy P special, before you buy: