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Raptors officially unveil NBA City Edition jersey

Inspired by Drake (of course), the Raptors have officially revealed their OVO City Edition jersey for the six 2018-19 Welcome Toronto nights.

As a continued tribute to Toronto (and Drake, and also, uh, Nike), the Raptors have officially revealed their new NBA City Edition jersey for the 2018-19 season. Much like last year, the jersey is a solid shade with a large gold chevron and the block letters spelling out NORTH. Not to lean on a tired adage here but: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

There is a twist though: this year the jersey is white instead of black. Gasp.

I’ll let the Raptors’ PR machine do the rest of the work here, And yes, I realize we saw a sneak peek at this jersey way back on Media Day when a grainy photo of Kawhi Leonard wearing the jersey leaked — but look how much nicer they look in the official photos! Look at the video below! It goes from black... to white! Such innovation! I’m going to stop using exclamation marks.

Look at Kawhi! (Sorry, last one.)

He’s.... into it.

And is there a post from Drake? Yes, indeed there is. It’s worth noting of course that these jerseys will be worn on six Welcome Toronto nights, as part of the Drake-OVO-Raptors collaboration that’s been going on since the start of 2018.

So on that note, we’ll end on the official word from Drizzy himself: