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Locked on Raptors #422 - How Hungry Are You: In Review, Part 3 w/ Katie Heindl

Sean Woodley and Katie Heindl review the latest episode of Serge Ibaka’s ‘How Hungry are You?’ featuring Danny Green and Jonas Valanciunas.

Courtesy Serge Ibaka, “How Hungry Are You?”

In Episode 422 of Locked on Raptors, Sean Woodley is joined by Katie Heindl to review yet another episode of Serge Ibaka’s ‘How Hungry Are You?” This time around it’s Danny Green and Jonas Valanciunas who visit Serge in his Toronto condo to eat pig head. Sean and Katie discuss Ibaka’s improved cooking skills, whether he has gone soft, Danny’s pet snakes, JV facing his fears, what each Raptor’s signature dish is, and much more.

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