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Gambling with Gourmet Spud: How do we feel about the Raptors now?

The Raptors just lost three games in a row. And this happened after noted fan Gourmet Spud announced he had made a bet on a 62 win season. Let’s check in on how he’s doing.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Toronto Raptors John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Every ten games or so, we’ll be checking in with Raptors fan, and noted Twitter celebrity, Gourmet Spud to gauge how he’s feeling about his Toronto bet. The line: Spud took the over on the Raptors at 62 wins. As of this writing, the Raptors are 12-4.


When the Raptors were at 12-1, it felt very easy to imagine a 70-win season. Kyle Lowry was playing at an MVP pace, Kawhi Leonard was awesome (and still not even 100 percent all the way back), Serge Ibaka and Pascal Siakam couldn’t miss, and Jonas Valanciunas was gunning for the Sixth Man of the Year award. In the paraphrased words of noted basketball philosopher Kevin Garnett: anything was possible.

Friend of the site, Raptors fan, the Twitter personality known as Gourmet Spud certainly believed this to be the case. His mood before Monday’s game? In a word: confident.

By the end of Monday night, however, after it was clear the Raptors were about to lose to the New Orleans Pelicans in a minor demolishing, he and many other Toronto fans had changed their tune. In the process, Spud revealed why specifically this Raptors loss was taking such a toll (beyond the usual misery we Raps fans inflict upon ourselves).

Here’s Spud, in his own words:

Now, Gourmet Spud is something of a man of mystery. We don’t know much about his life. Hell, we don’t even know his real name. As such, we definitely don’t know how much money is involved here. Indeed, what is a “squeamish amount of money” to one such as Gourmet Spud? In one sense, it’s better not to know. The mystery allows us to project all sorts of ungodly sums into our imaginations. Did Spud bet 200 bucks? $5,000? His house? It’s a risk, either way. And that’s because, well, the Raptors are still the Raptors.

So, let’s see how Gourmet Spud is feeling after the first 16 games of the season, and the Raps’ first significant losing streak. (Why 16 games? Because that’s when this whole concept came together — get off my back!)

Spud’s Highlight from the Past 16 Games:

Easily the 4-0 west coast trip. I know it wasn’t the toughest of trips, but when I was doing the math I never thought they would sweep those. Was riding high there. Some smug emails were sent. Emails I now regret.

Spud’s Lowlight from the Past 16 Games:

Pistons loss. Easy. Casey is a villain now and he will get booed next time he comes (next year?). He was so salty about Nurse in the pre-game! Seriously, I was very happy for him, and that loss means nothing in the bigger picture for this team, unless you are doing the daily math on a dumb 62 win bet.

Spud, How’s Your Mood?

I’m serene that my bet may be over before we are 20 games in. That Celts loss stung. It’s funny that you can have an existential crisis about a team after a 12-4 start, but this is Toronto.

Anyway, on to Chicago. They better win by 20. Pray for OG.

And there you have it: not even 20 games into the season, and already a rollercoaster ride. We’ll check back in with Gourmet Spud in ten games or so, after the Raptors play the Golden State Warriors for the first time, and meet the new-look Philadelphia 76ers. How will Spud be feeling by then?

Time will tell.