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Fun and Good Highlight: Lowry Butt Watch 2018 Edition

There’s never been a better time to be concerned with what’s going on with Kyle Lowry’s behind.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Lowry landed hard on his lower back area. This objectively sucks — for him, for the Raptors, and for us Raptors fans. There’s not much more to do now but wait for updates, and yes, look for the fun and good bright side.

Wait, you say, how can we find a fun and good side to this insult and injury? Easy! Lowry himself T-ed us up perfectly for just such a riff. (Go figure Lowry, the consummate set-up man on the Raptors, figured out a way to make his bruised tailbone into a moment of levity.)

After the Nets game on Monday night, Lowry provided the first injury update:

Always the good sport, Dwane Casey confirmed Lowry’s status:

Now, I don’t know about you, but I laugh every time I consider Casey being asked about Lowry, him giving this extremely serious question some thought, his mind turning over the possibilities as what it meant to his team and lineup, to the rotation he’s trying to craft, to everything that had occurred and will occur in the near future, and then responding: “His butt.”

I’m dying again. Look, we don’t know how injured Lowry is, or how long he’ll be out, but we can laugh at all of the ass and butt jokes flying around right now. Really, we have to. We must.

To start us off, resident Raptors Twitter doctor Shankar Sivananthan provided some treatment options:

And then our very own Harsh Dave, resident HQ ass-man and big fan of Lowry’s, uh, game, ran wild with it, as is his wont.

People, we need to be able to laugh at this and enjoy the antics so as to distract ourselves from reality. The situation with Lowry right now is at least modestly grim — but the content?

Well, the content is extremely fun and good.