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Injury Update: Kyle Lowry is day-to-day with bruised tailbone

This is the word from on high (Woj). And you know what? It could have been a lot worse.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As reported by Adrian Wojnarowski (who else?), the RaptorsKyle Lowry is indeed injured. The good news here: it’s apparently not as serious at it most definitely looked. What a relief.

Here’s the tweet report:

As a refresher — as if you wanted to see/read this again — here’s what happened last night in Brooklyn. Lowry was going up for a rebound, got body-checked in the air by the NetsJoe Harris, and due to the presence of Quincy Acy nearby, took a hard fall on his lower back. It looked extremely painful and Lowry could not walk off the court under his own power. (Still, we’ll always be able to laugh at his “x-rays on my ass” line after the game.)

There’s some good news and bad news embedded here.

The good: Lowry is listed as day-to-day, which means the injury is manageable. There’s no serious structural damage, no surgery needed, no long lay-off (presumably). Day-to-day is a notoriously vague assessment, but it sounds much better than something like “out indefinitely,” you know what I mean?

The bad: it’s his tailbone. There’s nothing to be done with tailbones really. You can put a cast or wrap on it, you can’t stretch it, you can’t even really compress it. It just feels sore, and makes it hard to move around — which is an important thing for a basketball player to be able to do. I assume the Raptors will give Lowry all the best medical treatment they can, but the best medicine here may just be to rest. Again, not the worst, but not the best — more annoying, if anything.

Other than that, there’s been no official word as to how much time Lowry will miss. He’s definitely out tonight against the Heat. As for the big time match-ups against the Cavs (on Thursday), and the Warriors (on Saturday), time will tell.

All we have, officially, is this: