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Fun and Good Highlight: Kyle Lowry, sharpshooter on and off the court

This week, let’s enjoy Kyle Lowry in the Starters’ studio as he talks up a bunch of different topics, and is never not Fun and Good.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Minnesota Timberwolves Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Often times when Kyle Lowry finds himself with a microphone in his face, he does not say much. Or at least, he says the things he’s expected to say. It’s his specific version of “both teams played hard”, the standard boilerplate stuff you hear all around the NBA all the time. It’s just how things work, sadly.

So then, when Lowry is given the chance to let fly, about the Philadelphia Eagles or otherwise, it’s always a fun and good time. Hence why we’re here.

Yesterday, our man Lowry appeared on the Starters to talk about the Raptors, the All-Star game, and other issues of the day. If it’s not clear already to you that Lowry has a dynamite personality, this clip should nudge you in the right direction.


This quote, about the “culture change” with the Raptors:

“We believe in what we’re doing. Coach [Dwane Casey], Masai, Bobby [Webster], the whole organization, we wanted to change it. And myself and DeMar, we’re buying in, we bought in, and we believe it. We see it’s working. We have to do it, you know... and we’ll see what happens in the playoffs. I think we’ll continue to do it.”

The playoffs can’t get here soon enough.

More: me personally, I can’t get enough of Lowry supporting his coach, Dwane Casey. It feels like those two guys have been through some wars together, been at each other, disagreed and made up time and time again. As a mouthy point guard myself, I appreciate that Lowry has learned how to harness his mood to power his game, and responded to a coach over time who has made the effort to really get him.

(I enjoy how Lowry dodges commenting on that 40-point performance in Minnesota. But dang, he also said he “loves” the Timberwolves’ neon green jerseys. Decidedly not fun and good, my man.)

Now, a lightning round to play us out. Some rapid-fire questions for Lowry:

Favourite Canadian: Justin Trudeau

Drake’s Reporting Skills: F

Most Annoying DeRozan Habit: Has his headphones in all the time.

Who Looks the Coolest in the New OVO Jerseys: Bebe!

Do You Want to Fight Another Australian? [points to Leigh Ellis]: All cool.

It’s fun and good, friends.