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New “North” jerseys coming for the Raptors?

Rumours are flying around — on the internet! — that Toronto may have a new jersey on the way.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Far be it for me to report on unsubstantiated rumour, but apparently the Raptors may have a new jersey to which we can all look forward. Over at Sports Logos dot net, which is a thing, a very credible source (according to content creator Conrad Burry) has determined that there is a new “North” jersey on the way for Toronto.

Peep this tweet:

A click-through on the link at the bottom reveals some of the possible designs. They’re rough, but workable. If you don’t feel like giving Sports Logos a click, here’s one of the fresh potential looks:

There are a lot of vague facets to this case, but to be honest, I can believe that, (a) more new Raptors jerseys are in the works for next season so as to squeeze even more dollars out of the apparel market, and (b) it would involve the word “north”.

Is this a crazy rumour or are we about to get even more literal with Toronto’s We the North campaign?