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NBA Trivia Night: How well can you do?

Close all those tabs. Seriously.

Sprite Slam Dunk Contest

On Wednesday night, the Raptors HQ team of Daniel Reynolds, Mitch Robson and free agent ringer Conor McCreery came away with the victory in the first ever HoopTalks NBA Trivia Night at Bar Homestand in Toronto, leaving 11 other teams in their wake.

Did Dan cheat and use his phone to search for answers? Maybe. Was Mitch even old enough to be legally allowed into the bar? Debatable.

Nonetheless, they are the champs. For context’s sake, the format was as follows: Six categories, 80 available points, with the top four teams squaring off in a knockout-style championship round of That Random Raptors Game. If you’re unfamiliar, TRRG is a game played at the end of each episode of our podcast, The HeadQuarters, in which the co-hosts guess who played for the Raptors in a random game lost to history.

Through the round robin, the HQ team sat tied for third with a 37 of a possible 80 points, but battled their way through the final rounds to come out on top.

Yeah, I’m just as amazed as you are.

Either way, this feels like an opportunity to let those who couldn’t make it out to the event to have a hack at the gauntlet of questions the contestants were subject to. Some people had complaints about them being to hard. Too bad.

Six categories. 30 questions. 80 available points. How well can you do?

Of course, if you’re going to go through these questions, the honour system is in effect. Close all of your tabs. Delete Basketball Reference from your Cookies. Put your goddamned phones away. Only you stand to feel terrible about yourself if you cheat.

To see how well you did, shoot me an email ( once you finish up and I’ll send you the correct answers.

Seriously, don’t cheat. I know the mean score for this quiz. I’ll know you’re up to something if you get 77/80.


Question #1: Who holds the Raptors all-time record for blocked shots in a single game? (1-point bonus for the number of blocks that player had)

Question #2: In nine playoff appearances, how many wins (games, not series) have the Raptors accrued?

Question #3: In their 22 seasons of existence, how many times have the Raptors finished with a record above .500?

Question #4: On January 25th, 2014 against the LA Clippers, Terrence Ross tied the Raptors’ franchise record with one of the most random 51-point games in NBA history. How many threes did Ross make in that game?

Question #5: Without any qualifier for number of games played or total attempts, who is the Raptors all-time leader in three-point percentage?


Question #1:

Question #2:

Question #3:

Question #4:

Question #5:


Question #1: Who assisted Ray Allen’s game-tying three-pointer against the San Antonio Spurs in the dying seconds of Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals?

Question #2: On the night Kobe Bryant scored 81 points at Staples Center against the Raptors, two other Lakers scored double digits in the game. Who were those two players? (1pt / correct answer)

Question #3: On May 14, 2015, the Houston Rockets completed one of the most historically important comebacks in NBA playoff history, outscoring the Clippers 40-15 in the fourth quarter on the back of Cory Brewer and Josh Smith hitting five threes in the frame. Two other Rockets hit three-pointers in that fourth quarter. Name them. (1pt / correct answer)

Question #4: Following the conclusion of the 2005 Draft, David Stern instituted an age-limit for incoming players, effectively ending the Prep-to-Pro era of the NBA. Who was the first high-schooler selected in that 2005 draft?

Question #5: In Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, LeBron James blocked the shit out of Andre Iguodala in what might be the defining play of his career. What was the score of Game 7 at the time of The Block?


Question #1:

Question #2:

Question #3:

Question #4:

Question #5:


Question #1: On March 30th, 2007, the Raptors won a thrilling overtime game against the Wizards on the road after a Morris Peterson buzzer-beater tied the game at the end of regulation. Who got the “assist” on that Mo-Pete shot.

Question #2: In November of 2006, Darrick Martin kept one of the stupidest streaks any of us have ever cared about alive. At the end of a blowout, Martin hit the Raptors’ first three of the game, extending the team’s’ streak of games in which they had made a three-pointer to a league-high 629. What team did this momentous achievement come against?

Question #3: In what many regard as the greatest dunk contest in NBA history, Terrence Ross took the title as a rookie in 2013. Who did he beat in the Finals of that dunk contest?

Question #4: Who was the fifth head coach in Toronto Raptors history?

Question #5: 13 different players have worn the no. 3 in Raptors history. More than any other number. List them. (1pt/correct answer)


Question #1: Name the Top-5 players in three-pointers made in the 2016-17 NBA season. (1pt/correct answer - bonus 3 points for correct order)

Question #2: Which five teams have the longest active playoff droughts? (1pt/correct answer - bonus 3 points for correct order)

Question #3: Which five teams have the most playoff victories since the start of the 2000 post season. (1pt/correct answer - bonus 3 points for correct order)

Question #4: As a result of the November 2004 brawl between the Pistons and Pacers know as the Malice at the Palace, five players -- 4 Pacers and 1 Piston -- were suspended for more than one game. Name them. (1pt/correct answer - bonus 3 points for correct order, most games to least)

Question #5: The 2000 NBA Draft is widely regarded to be among the worst drafts in NBA history. Who were the Top-5 picks in that draft? (1pt/correct answer - bonus 3 points for correct order)