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NBA Schedule Release: The Raptors now have their plan for 2017-18

The official NBA schedule is here. If you’re a Raptors fan, circle the following 82 days.

Milwaukee Bucks v Toronto Raptors - Game Five Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

The 2017-18 NBA schedule is officially here, and that means we can now begin the arduous process of planning our lives around the Toronto Raptors once again. Starting on October 19th, and running clear through until April 11th, here comes 82 games of the Raps.

For the full schedule, check the official page here.

Let’s do a brief breakdown:

  • The home opener is the first game of the season and it’s against — gasp — the Chicago Bulls.
  • The longest road trip of the year — six games — begins three games into the season and includes visits to San Antonio and Golden State.
  • In a wild turn of events, there is no long road trip out west over the Christmas/New Years holidays.
  • Still no marquee Raptors game on Christmas though. Sad face.
  • Now, to document a few East rivalries: The Raptors face Cleveland for the first time (at home) on January 11th.
  • Next: Our old friends in Milwaukee will see the Raptors (in Toronto) for the first time on January 1st.
  • And finally: if you want to enjoy the Raps’ continued domination of the Boston Celtics, Toronto will see the Celts for the first time (in Boston) on November 12th.
  • Overall there are 14 back-to-back games, the longest home stand is a mere four games, and the longest road trip is that bizarre aforementioned six-gamer right off the top.
  • P.J. Tucker will make his Toronto return on March 9th, so plan your Viking funeral preparations accordingly. (Patrick Patterson will be back in town on March 18th, and presumably during TIFF next month.)

We’ll have more coverage of the Raptors’ fortunes in 2017-18 tomorrow, and in the coming days because, hoo boy, this means the NBA is almost back in our lives.