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Raptors officially introduce C.J. Miles

Toronto introduced its new 3&D wing at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. Live Stream

C.J. Miles spoke to the media for the first time as a Raptor on Tuesday afternoon, donning a green suit/t-shirt combo that would make Ron Burgundy proud.

Miles is now officially signed to a three-year deal using the non-taxpayer mid-level exception. As the Toronto media gathered at the BioSteel Centre, he was asked questions about three point shooting, hunting for shots, and, you guessed it, more shooting, but also seem genuinely excited to be joining Canada’s team.

“I’ve never been a part of something this energetic, you know, every night in the building” he said about getting to play with the Raptors crazed fan base behind him every night.

Miles also went on to address his playing style and the way he looks at his role on the team this upcoming season, making the point known that he doesn’t care whether he starts or comes off the bench, and is only focused on filling a role to keep the team a successful one.

On his most valuable weapon, the three point shot, Miles’ most telling quote was "It’s basically given me... I don’t want to say a new life, but more opportunities to play this game". He also had an interesting response to Doug Smith’s question about how he hunts shots, and makes it a skill:

“Just continuing to understand where you can find shots and the best shots that you shoot, just being on the floor to help my team defensively, I was able to get more shots by staying on the floor, and that allowed guys to start trusting me. My team came to me, and said we need you to be the best shooter you’ve been, and that’s what I did.”

After the ongoing disaster that has been the starting three spot in the Raptors rotation for the past several years, having Miles on board and hearing the quotes out of him has to be music to the ears of Raptor fans coast-to-coast.

A team-first guy, with a commitment at both ends, who credited Jerry Sloan for being the reason he stuck in the league as one of the last prep-to-pro guys drafted? Sign me up any day of the week.