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NBA Draft Trade Rumours: Raptors open to trading 23rd pick or moving... down in the draft?

Everything is in play for president Masai Ujiri.

NBA: Playoffs-Cleveland Cavaliers at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

While news and rumours around the coming NBA Draft continues to swirl, the Raptors are in the metaphorical eye of the storm. (Hint: that’s the calm part.) Team president Masai Ujiri spoke to the media already, but as per usual, he didn’t really say much. And while wild speculation involving many different teams around the league is out there, Toronto hasn’t quite been in the mix.

This explains why we’re jumping all over this bit of news from Basketball Insiders’ Michael Scotto:

First bit of info here: the Raptors could trade the 23rd pick! What a world. Now, is there a package deal on the table that gets them in the mix for a superstar (like, say, Paul George)? Are we just doing that wild speculation thing I hinted at above? My only answer at this time is... my nerves are shot.

Second bit of info here: the Raptors are willing to trade their pick for a, uh, not as good pick, and potentially some undefined and/or undefinable asset. Not exactly a thrilling update, but it at least points to the Raptors making moves in the shadows.

Can Ujiri work his magic again here, or will the Raptors just go ahead and use the 23rd pick on a young prospect and move on? How dull.

Still, keep your ears to the ground.