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NBA Draft 2017: The Raptors invite another six players in for workouts

And the Canadian content is at an all-time high.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Maryland vs Xavier Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s the last announced date of pre-draft workouts for the Raptors. They’ve got six more players in Toronto at the BioSteel Centre this morning. Owing, I assume, to CanCon regulations, three of said players are Canadian. That’s 50 percent!

Here’s the list of who’s in town this morning:

Isaiah Briscoe, Guard, 6-1, Kentucky

Xavier Rathan-Mayes, Guard, 6-4, Florida State

Justin Jackson, Forward, 6-6, Maryland

MiKyle McIntosh, Forward, 6-7, Illinois State

Sebastian Saiz, Forward, 6-7, Ole Miss

Johnathan Motley, Forward, 6-8, Baylor

For the record, Rathan-Mayes, Jackson, and McIntosh are all from the true north, strong and free. Unfortunately, none of them are ranked in Draft Express’ Top 100 prospects for this year. It’s interesting to note however that Jackson is up at no. 21 in DX’s 2018 Mock Draft. Basketball things are definitely happening in Canada.

To round out the group, we’ve got Motley (crue) coming in at number 40 on the top 100, and Briscoe (and his great pro wrestling name) ranked at 90. All in all a great bunch of names — we wait to see about their actual games, however.

Reminder once again: the NBA Draft is on June 22nd. And I should mention that this is likely not the end of Raptors workouts. Last season there were a couple announced after the fact, and what’s more, there were definitely some secret workouts that took place that we only learned about after the fact. (Hence Pascal Siakam’s out of nowhere appearance at no. 27 last season.)