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NBA Playoffs: Five Quick Thoughts on the Raptors-Bucks Series

With the Raptors involved, it was always going to be difficult in one way or another.

NBA: Playoffs-Toronto Raptors at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports


I really said this yesterday at halftime before the Bucks stormed back from a 25-point deficit to take the lead in what would have been the perfect Raptors playoff meltdown to encapsulate everything we know about this team, this franchise even:

Shouts to everyone being upset with me:


Thankfully, the Raptors responded late and avoided a complete meltdown of the city heading into a Game 7 against Milwaukee at home on Saturday. We really didn’t need to deal with that stress, especially with the Jays losing a day-night doubleheader in St. Louis on the same day, you feel me?


DeMar DeRozan really is I Am Toronto though. Let the record books show he never shot 0-for-8 in Game 3.

But really, he should have done this:

Also this has nothing to do with Raptors-Bucks but remember?


The only series recap you need for another strange, roller coaster first round series from these Raptors that ultimately felt very satisfying and — even with the Game 6 meltdown — kind of calming:


The Cavaliers are beatable in a way that a team with LeBron and a shaky defence is kind of beatable. The Raptors are equipped to put up a better showing than last year’s Eastern Conference Finals when they were blown out four times with two home victories sandwiched in between. I suppose we had to see the Cavs eventually, so the second round it is. My series prediction: