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NBA Playoffs: DeMar DeRozan dunked the Bucks out of the building

And the Raptors are heading to the second round because of it.

Toronto Raptors v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Six Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

I had already sweat clean through my shirt, cursed about four dozen times and thrown multiple objects around the room to become the main attraction of my roommate’s birthday party during the second half debacle of last night’s game.

After a blackout as I watched the Raps offense fail to cross half court and old man Jason Terry hit three after three like it was the 2011 Finals, I managed to regain consciousness on this nifty little Patrick Patterson give ‘n go and the follow up Cory Joseph three ball. (My favourite part of that Joseph clip is the immediate cut to the sad woman with the Kate Gosselin hairdo.)

Then, DeMar DeRozan broke the hearts of every Wisconsonite harder than anyone has since Chris Chiozza just over a month ago:

What you couldn’t see was the next level stank face DeRozan had on his mug after the dunk. He one upped the Greek Freak’s stankfaces that have been all over the web all series long.

The dunk was so filthy it scored extremely well on NBA culture guru Shea Serrano’s scale of disrespect:

Time to put some respek on DeMar’s name, as the Raps are going to the second round.

Despite trying as hard as possible to need that seventh game, this Raptors team becomes the first squad to win a best of seven series in under the full allotment of games.

The Cavs and King James await, but this Raptors team has finally proven the script won’t be the same as years past. Now we wait and see how the story unfolds.