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NBA Playoffs: Five Quick Thoughts on the Legend of Norman Powell

Better than a city councillor? More popular than Vince? Just how big can this legend get?

NBA: Playoffs-Milwaukee Bucks at Toronto Raptors Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Norman Powell has etched himself into Raptors playoff lore with classic Game 5 performances in back-to-back first rounds. Like I always say, you’ve never truly made it until your teammate stands up for you with an Instagram comment like:

Five other thoughts:

It’s unclear if Norm can do anything more to earn the respect and adulation of the Raptors fan base. Next to kicking down the Ted Rogers statue and building one of himself and lighting a bunch of those ‘Make The Bucks Great Again’ hats on fire and dunking on Giannis three times in Game 6, I’m not sure what else Norm can do, or what he can’t do.

Facts only. Don’t be friends with people who support 6Dad Norm and think he’s hilarious. Also read this article.

I suppose Terrence Ross’s in-game dunks were a super exciting thing but any excitement about Ross always came with concerns about the variance in his game-to-game performance. Not that Norm has suddenly a 20-point scorer night in and night out but on the whole, and especially given his playoff heroics, Norm brings an unexpected element to a Raptors team that is if we’re being honest not that exciting as a whole.

In case you are unaware this is a huge week in Toronto sports history as the Raptors 905 are one win away from the D-League championship. Their deciding Game 3 for all the marbles (I can’t believe I wrote all the marbles—I blame years of listening to white sports radio) is on Thursday night, which conflicts with Game 6 in Milwaukee, but man, I say we send Norm down to win us the title and in case we need him, we’ll have him for Game 7 anyways. Okay, even I admit this is slightly crazy but still.

As of right now, Norm’s jersey is the best thing you can wear to Coachella 2030, although I will say the Marshawn Lynch Oakland Raiders jersey might have some staying power. Stay tuned.