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Numbers for Game 3: Nuke this entire game from orbit

It’s the only way to be sure.

NBA: Playoffs-Toronto Raptors at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Game 3 of the Raptors-Bucks first round playoff series was an unmitigated disaster. Let’s just get this post over with.

Broken Offense

The Raptors’ offense is well and truly broken.

The Raptors scored 12, 18 and 16 points in each of the first three quarters last night. They finished with 77 points, an embarrassingly low total that is actually very complimentary to the effort the team put in. Keep in mind, 31 of these points came in a 4th quarter comprised entirely of garbage time, which salvaged the overall point total compared to the 46 points they had scored by the end of the third quarter.

Everyone was terrible in this one. Kyle Lowry led the team in scoring with 13 points (tied with Delon Wright). Of course it took him 15 used possessions to get there.

Jonas Valanciunas had a terrible night, and was one of the other top scorers on the team with 11 points on 13 used possessions.

Never mind DeMar DeRozan, who failed to score from the field all game (0-of-8), and ended up with only 8 points on 15 used possessions. Wow.

The Bucks have truly figured out how to stymie this offense. The only way the Raptors have broken through in the one game they won in this series was by hitting a lot of threes. This game they were back to their usual tricks, going 6-of-22 from long range, good for 27% on the night.

In the first half, when the game was essentially lost, the team put up an offensive rating (points scored per 100 possessions) of 67. In the third quarter, when the team needed to come out like gangbusters to close the gap and make the 4th interesting, they managed a similarly useless ORTG of 74.

The team needs to completely revisit what they are doing offensively. The Bucks defense has completely neutered what was, earlier in the season, the most efficient offense of all time. If the Raptors continue to just run their stuff and hope for Lowry or DeRozan to score well enough over the defense they are facing, we’re in for a few more nights like this last one.

The Defense Wasn’t Great Either

In the first quarter, the Raptors allowed the Bucks to score 133 points per 100 possessions. The starting lineup struggled to get stops, putting up a 136 DRTG before Valanciunas got the hook. Of course, the team gave up 131 points per 100 possessions the rest of the way, so he alone is probably not the cause of the problem.

The second quarter wasn’t much better. Serge Ibaka and P.J. Tucker held down the fort well in their minutes, but when the bench unit took the floor (specifically in the 7 minutes Patrick Patterson played, with a mixture of Ibaka, Valanciunas and Poeltl at C), the defense completely fell apart, posting a glorious 155 DRTG.

It wasn’t even the terrible offense driving these defensive issues. The Bucks scored just 6 fast break points all game (and 1 in the first three quarters), and had fewer points off turnovers than the Raptors did (15 to 17).

The offense failing so miserably may have taken the wind out of the team and led to the lacklustre defense. But whatever the cause, it needs to be fixed too if the Raptors want to find some way to come away with a split in Milwaukee.

Tiny Positive (Less Negative?) Note

There really is no silver lining here, but if you want to look at a slightly less dark part of the cloud, Delon Wright and Norman Powell played quite well down the stretch.

Wright was a positive presence throughout, and bolstered some lineups in the first three quarters. As noted above he co-led the team in scoring (in only 26 minutes) on 4-of-6 shooting (2-of-3 from three point range), with six rebounds and two assists to boot.

Powell came in late and provided a scoring punch in garbage time, probably hoping to earn back a spot in the rotation. He did well, scoring 12 points on 50% shooting from the floor, and was a +3 in his 15 minutes.

Really though, I’m grasping at straws here. This was all terrible. All we can do is hope we don’t see anything resembling a repeat on Saturday.

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