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Raptors will select 23rd in the 2017 NBA Draft

Because that’s what’s on our minds at this precise moment.

NBA: NBA Draft Lottery Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Setting aside the playoffs for one second, the NBA worked out its draft tie-breakers this afternoon and we know now the Raptors will draft from the 23rd spot. Sadly there’s no golden deal with the Knicks sitting there to secure Toronto a top 10 pick.

There were, however, some other deals from Masai Ujiri that got the Raptors into no. 23. This was the pick they technically got from Milwaukee (via the Clippers) for Norman Powell, which was then flipped to the Magic for Serge Ibaka. As was announced at the time, the pick was to be the lower (or worse) of the two picks the Raps would own in the 2017 Draft. So here we are.

The Clippers got the 23rd pick, the Raptors were 25th, but due to the aforementioned deals, the Raptors get 23rd and the Magic get 25th. Don’t ask me to explain this again — my head hurts.

The 2017 NBA Draft will be on held on June 22nd.

And now, the best part, a recap of some of the luminaries selected at no. 23: Solomon Hill, John Jenkins, Nikola Mirotic, Trevor Booker, Omri Casspi, Wilson Chandler (arguably the best of the recent bunch), and way back in the day, Tyronn Lue. The patron saint of this pick is a toss-up between Tayshaun Prince and Bobby Jackson.