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Raptors vs. Pacers: Remember when we worried about this team?

The Pacers are sinking fast, and the Raptors are looking to add to their misery.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

In the big picture it doesn't matter that the Raptors are up and the Pacers are down. Both teams are outside the title window, even if one is much, much closer to the ultimate goal than the other. Still, throw that big picture out and get petty with me: it feels good to watch this Indiana team, the one that gave the Raptors a stupid hard time in the first round of the playoffs last year, fall apart. Let's revel in that for a moment.

Paul George, great player, happy to see him wasting his time. Myles Turner, hope it works out for you some day, guy. Thaddeus Young, still can't believe you were apparently a Raptors' trade target. Jeff Teague, sucks you're not George Hill. Monta Ellis, the 00s called. Al Jefferson, ditto. And this is before we get to the recent news regarding the re-signing of Lance Stephenson. Get this team out of my face.

As such, Indiana is clinging to the 8th seed right now, up one game on the Chicago Bulls. (What a Sophie's choice there, good lord.) It would require only the slightest of pushes from the Raptors to send these poor guys off on the summer vacation they so richly deserve. This is what I desire.

The whole of the Eastern Conference finds itself in continuous turmoil. No seed is safe, no team knows their fate as of yet. The Raptors' best bet is to just win as many games as they can to enter the post-season on something of a high-note, with momentum pushing them on towards hopeful greater heights.

The Pacers are just looking forward to warmer weather.

Here's Matt Teague with tonight's preview. Now let's get in the comments and watch the show.