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Raptors vs. Wizards: A season series on the line

It's Friday and the Raptors are looking to capital-ize (get it?) on a Wizards team working in a fresh face.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Though the Raptors have won three of four games without Kyle Lowry, there's an awful lot of deflation after Wednesday's drubbing at the hands of the Wizards. Having squandered their chance at home to win this season series at home, they're now in the Verizon Center with their second chance in three days.

And yet, the Wizards have changed! Brandon Jennings, the ex-New York Knicks guard, will play his first game in a Washington uniform tonight. He's presumably here to provide a bench scoring punch, though the Raptors may have elevated Bojan Bogdonavic to that role on Wednesday by allowing him 27 points.

This battle, of course, is all in pursuit of the Eastern Conference's third seed. With just over 20 games left and a favourable schedule for the Raptors, this is one of those games (as was Wednesday's disappointment) that you look back at in April and either smile or grimly shake your head. On the line is a second round matchup with Cleveland or Boston, and I think you know what both teams would prefer there.

Other than the addition of Jennings, there's no real changes to report on either side. You can check in on Sean Woodley's morning preview here, then get into the comments. Big game, folks. Keep your fingers crossed.